Fresh News! Parametrica and Laboratorul de Arhitectura are participating to BIFE-SIM 2014


There is less than one month and we'll meet at BIFE SIM, Bucharest International Furniture Exhibition, Romexpo, with Laboratorul de Arhitectura - 10th-14th of September. We really enjoyed last year's participation, read more here, therefore this year we wanted to get involved also in the BIFE-SIM conference "Life in design", 11-12 September.

More info coming soon!

logo BIFE-SIM 300x250 px - Life in Design



Ingeniousness, community and advanced technologies: the Romanian FAB10 Barcelona experience

Our school experience at the biggest event for digital fabrication becomes relevant for the Romanian community design, to the effect and potential of the latter in an international context:

Everything is cyclical. From manufactured unique products to industrialization who made ​​products in large quantities of goods of the same kind, we turn to uniqueness. But this time with the help of advanced technology: intelligent software with delicate names and ingenious machines (Grasshopper, Rhino, 3D printer MakerBot etc.) Easily and accurately transposing a concept in physical form. Creative hubs make everything happen faster putting specialists from radically different domains in the same boat, and moving production to the final consumer. The experiment becomes collaborative, with community-level impact, while the power goes to the individual consumer.

Fab10 Barcelona 13 Ingeniozitate, comunitate şi tehnologii avansate: experienţa românească la FAB10 Barcelona

Thus can be described the concept behind the most impressive digital fabrication FAB10 event, held July 2 to 8, 2014 in Barcelona. For a week, in an interactive environment, over 500 entrepreneurs met, fabbers and makers, experts of the digital fabrication world. This is also the concept behind our school participation with the four prototype: Wavics 3.0The TriangulatorExoskeleton Dress and Hands Off Skirt.

Day3 Parametrica FAB10 Barcelona 2014 digital fabrication 7 Ingeniozitate, comunitate şi tehnologii avansate: experienţa românească la FAB10 Barcelona

Designed by young Romanian experts, designers, developers or architects, and conceived in experimental-workshops created by our school under the supervision of school teachers, expressing different prototypes were perfectly framed in a landscape which brought together teams of specialists from around world. Starting with projects Exoskeleton Dress (designer Andrei Moldoveanu) and Hands Off Skirt (designer Diana Giurea) the Romanian creative exhibition captured the concept and implementation.

FAB10 Barcelona Parametrica Day 1 9 Ingeniozitate, comunitate şi tehnologii avansate: experienţa românească la FAB10 Barcelona Day3 Parametrica FAB10 Barcelona 2014 digital fabrication 18 Ingeniozitate, comunitate şi tehnologii avansate: experienţa românească la FAB10 Barcelona

Hands Off Skirt                                                     Exoskeleton Dress

Wavics 3.0 explored user interactivity and play through 615 mini-mirrors, responding in real time to the question "Who is the most beautiful in the world?" not only in the country. "Fab Lab Conferences are spreading some engine manufacturing innovations in the digital world with a very particular format. Being among the exhibitors at an event that revolves around educational workshops, we have enjoyed great interest from the participants and visitors, which made ​​us feel that we align with international trends in the field of experimental design, digital fabricated. They helped us to find creative inspiration in our projects that is using the most of potential new production technologies, which by their flexibility, can materialize in the most unusual projects. " Ina Leonte Aditiv team, architect ZEST Collective.

Wavics 3.0 3 Ingeniozitate, comunitate şi tehnologii avansate: experienţa românească la FAB10 Barcelona Wavics 3.0 Close up 2 Ingeniozitate, comunitate şi tehnologii avansate: experienţa românească la FAB10 Barcelona

Wavics 3.0

The Triangulator prototype, which began with one jacket-experiment, for FAB10 got greatly improved by proposing a jacket for men, a jacket for women, and two pairs of shoes with mirrored surfaces, this time with metal plates from Cressent. "I was surprised by the crowd present at the fair - from professionals and enthusiasts, computational design, the participants who had nothing to do with architecture, many of the adjacent areas. At one of the workshops (Plug and Wear) on textile design in symbiosis with Arduino sensors impressed me that they promoted the idea that computational design has reached a point where architects should not longer limit to one area or to one approach. FAB10 came as a natural extension pf the workshop Architecture in Fashion, 3rd edition, where I discovered how difficult it is to create a physical prototype, to be aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, despite the fact that digital process seems to work without any problem. I think my favorite projects at FAB10 were Wavics 3.0, Candy Project, aiming to demonstrate the qualities of a material with a minimum of structure, digital and interactive pinball created the Chinos International and the super-realistic Robot Slider. "Lidia Ratoi, the Triangulator team (composed of Larisa Răţoi, Lidia Răţoi , Alexander Oprita and Ida Chiatante).

1. FAB10 Barcelona The Triangulator Parametrica 1 Ingeniozitate, comunitate şi tehnologii avansate: experienţa românească la FAB10 Barcelona 1. FAB10 Barcelona The Triangulator Parametrica 4 Ingeniozitate, comunitate şi tehnologii avansate: experienţa românească la FAB10 Barcelona

The Triangulator

For our team it is the first international invitation, the first result of a long-term vision and a confirmation of the position of potentially creative hub, support for community formed of young designers, architects and specialists in new technologies.

Producers support our initiatives like Cressent, and other contractors involved in this industry, like Kaustik and Robofun are welcomed, necessary and normal. With the supporters help these prototypes, and others resulting from the workshops, will be presented at upcoming exhibitions and events.



Experience fashion design through new technologies of digital fabrication: Architecture in Fashion, 21st-27th of April 2014, Bucharest, Romania

We are entering the last week for registration to the parametric architecture workshop, Architecture in Fashion, 21st- 27th of April 2014 - an experience proposed by Parametrica [digi fab school] team. ARIAN HAKIMI NEJAD, Architect Zaha Hadid Architects London - special guest.

Shoes, dresses, shirts. Jewelries and other fashion items that you every day describe how you are. They are an extension of your personality. The world evolves and fashion becomes more and more fascinating succeeding in introducing in the design process technologies through which the fashion items understand and enfold even better the human body, creating a new feeling when worn.

Why architecture in fashion? Because it can express just as well at a small scale what it can express at a bigger scale. Because it allows testing stuff for which time and funds would be necessary. Because the small reflects the big, which contains it, and because fashion is also part of the bigger architectural thought, without even wanting it. 

At Architecture in Fashion we talk about the Process of Design

But it is not all about fashion or architecture but also about the design process which can be easily applied in any other areas of design or other fields. It develops a way of thinking that crosses any kind of design project.

The workshop was thought for fashion and product designers, architects, but also for specialists from similar fields. Students or pros.

If you are a fashion designer, you will most certainly be amazed by how versatile the design process can become and you will fall for complexity of forms and for the understandings the new technologies can give to your concepts. If you are an architect, the applicability of your sketches at a small scale will be love at first sight. Parametrica team also invites you if you are an engineer, a programmer, scenographer or just curious or interested in the design process.

!!!If you are a student, you can ask the coordinator teacher if the PRACTICE PERIOD can be equivalated by participating at Architecture in Fashion workshop.

Thinking outside the box, experiment, 3D PRINTING, laser cutting

The workshop wants to offer you the opportunity to experiment what low and high-tech means. Firstly you will learn what enfolding or wrinkling the material means by choosing an “element” which you will later stimulate with the help of GRASSHOPPER and RHINOCEROS. After many experiments and the trainer’s feedback you will choose a prototype to build and present in front of the jury during the last day of the workshop.

If during your free time costs you to experiment the 3D printing, now you have the opportunity to

print how many shapes you want, because ROBOFUN supports the print and the materials. They like the research and they to support the education. All this wouldn’t have been possible if Atelierul de Proiectare wouldn’t have received us in their CONCRETE HOUSE and if we hadn’t the support of EL-MONT, INFOPRESS GROUP, UMBRELLA HOSTEL, FABLAB BARCELONA, ADOBE, IAAC, RHINOCEROS.

1277134_10200499411944758_2124204187_o21 iulie wk-7

What will it be the experience of Architecture in Fashion?

  • Experimenting and learning step by step the design process for creating fashion items
  • Working with participants from other countries, other experiences
  • Guidance from specialist, being at the 3rd edition of Architecture in Fashion. ARIAN HAKIMI NEJAD, architect ZAHA HADID Architects, partner Parametrica [digi fab school] and the special guest, is specialized in computational design and tutor for many international workshops. DIANA NITREANU, architect Laboratorul de Arhitectura, partner Parametrica [digi fab school] and one of the three official trainers on Rhinoceros in Romania.
  • Discovering the 3D printing experience during the entire period of the workshop.
  • Creating prototype from A to Z which will be promoted with the help of the media partners and your efforts will be appreciated

If you are curious, you can find more information on, but also on the websites of our partners: Zeppelin, Atelierul de Proiectare, Igloo, Arhitectura, the online platforms,,, and Bucharest Design Center. And if you want to know more about the prices or just want to register, you can click the link:

Architecture in FAshion, the 3rd edition, 21-27 April 14

Dear friends,

2013 was for our team a great challenge with 3 major events (Breathing Prototypes,Generative Optimization and Dynamic Fields) organized with the purpose of promoting the parametric design and it’s applications in various fields. Now, at the start of spring 2014 we are proposing you another novel parametric experience that we know you will enjoy:ARCHITECTURE IN FASHION.

We invite you to the 3rd edition of “Architecture in Digital Fashion”, hosted from 21 to 27 April 14 at the Concrete House, a unique concept in Romania, a cultural and innovative center. The 3rd edition is organized after a 1st experimental edition in 2012 and a 2nd international workshop in Iran. Our tutors with a great experience in delivering this type of workshop, Arian Hakimi Nejad and Diana Nitreanu, will host this workshop.

The event addresses to everybody interested or curious and has a background inarchitecture, interior design, furniture design, product design, fashion design, scenography and engineering. 

The winning project - Architecture in Fashion 1

Where the concept started
Fashion or architecture, both fields are visually responsible for the people self-expression. We are all familiar with experiments like shoes, dresses or jewelry designed through 3D printed or laser cut techniques. Great names like Rem D Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid or Francis Bitonti are just a few specialists exploring the new technologies. Bitonti created a 3D printed dress for Dita Von Teese, the famous burlesque dancer.

7 days of parametric modeling and prototyping
In the 7-Day workshop agenda, with classes from 9am to 6pm, the participants will explore topics such as computational geometry, growth algorithm, approaching 2D to 3D techniques, 3D printing and process into design.

“Architecture in fashion” starts with a 3-Day intensive Course Module, from 21 to 23 April, regarding basic knowledge in parametric design. The participants will learn Rhinoceros & Grasshopper Level 1, while they will experiment plug-ins like Kangaroo, Weaver Bird, Lunch box, Ghowl, Geco.

Entering the second part of the event, a period of 5 days of practice, the participants will work in groups with the purpose of developing their own prototypes crossing through different stages. First stage is the low-tech fabrication, necessary for a greater understanding of materials and assembly methods. The second stage is digital fabrication, where the participants will use software visualizing tools such as Rhinoceros and the algorithmic plug-in Grasshopper. The final stage, where the group-projects achieved the target of development will move to the fabrication part. Here they will use techniques like 3D printing, laser cutting to design their final prototypes, which will be exhibited afterwards.

With the help of one of our partners, the Romanian 3D printer producer ROBOFUN, we will have a 3D printer during classes for experimenting and prototyping. For classes the used materials are paper, cardboard, felt, leather, plexiglas, hips, polystyrene, ABS. More here:

Attendance and Costs
The packages address to Romanian students and postgraduates and International students and postgraduates. You have the option to choose the course moduleworkshop or full pass. There are also discounted prices for the Early Birds until 21st of March.

There is a 20% discount for Parametrica's former attendees in any case of early/late bird subscription. Other discounts are applied to different categories, such as students.

To book your seat or to find more info enter or write at

Join us and enjoy the experience!
Have a great spring start!
The Parametrica Team

Arts & Architecture @Internet and mobile World, October 2013

Last week we participated at the IMWorld fair, dedicated to marketing and business community with objects presenting the product and computational design. The object design was put in practice through a series of works created by Laboratorul de Arhitectura, our architecture office and by our friends from ZEST Collective.

Laboratorul de Arhitectură inspired through the Cardboard X2 made out of wood, metal, cardboard and glass. The collection is represented by the Poltrona concept-chair, the coffee table and magazine holder.

Parametrica, Laboratorul de Arhitectura, ZEST (6)

ZEST Collective brought the tubular collection ZEST HD made of three furniture objects: LILY Curve table, SECRET Moves lamp and FIN Fang table, proposing a high definition design.


The computational design is exhibited though a series of installations at the edge of art and technology designed by the participants of our workshops:

WAVICS – WAVICS is a sinergic project that is investigating material reactions to human behavior. It enables the audience to inflict a sinuous movement on the surface of a 62,5 x 40 cm surface made out of 3312 drinking straws, without touching it. An elastic shape is deformed remotely through a smartphone interface. 

The whole installation is controlled through an Arduino board connected to a Grasshopper definition which holds all the instructions, constraints and receives the data from the device they are connected to.

Parametrica, Laboratorul de Arhitectura, ZEST (1) Parametrica, Laboratorul de Arhitectura, ZEST (9)

Turbillon – a reactive environment system that succeeds in transforming a planar surface in 3D landscape under the force of wind making a volume from a plane.

Parametrica, Laboratorul de Arhitectura, ZEST (8) Parametrica, Laboratorul de Arhitectura, ZEST (4)

Also the Bucharest Design Center participated at the IMWorld. The designers participation to such a great event,  dedicated to a dynamic industry like business and marketing, with a concrete impact over economy means a great evolution for the Romanian design. 


roMAniAn InnoVAtiVe design: AVAntgArde SAlon @ bife-siM, roMexpo, 17-21 SepteMber

Dear friends,

Parametrica [digi fab school] and Laboratorul de Arhitectura is happy to present you the Avant-garde Salon, a innovation salon organized during BIFE SIM, the international furniture fair, taking place at Romexpo starting today, 17th September and finishing on the 21st.

The Avant-garde Salon has 32 sqm and presents the latest technological and conceptual trends in furniture and accessories design. The digital revolution takes over the normal manifestation. Presenting 3 sides of the same story through the Innovation Salon, Parametrica Salon and Digital Fabrication Salon, we want to introduce to the world the mass customization, as a part of our near future.

THE INNOVATION SALON. Here you can find design objects from Dizainar, Laboratorul de Arhitectura, Aira Studio and ZEST.

Dizainăr, concept-store for Romanian product design, presents Lampa SHE [designer Dragos Motica], Masa _a [designer Dragos Motica], Lampa Spectrum Filter [designer Anca Fetcu], Lampa lace-lift by Lemps [designer Daniela Craciunoiu], Lampa ABIS by Animat [designer Tamina Ioana Puica] or YoYo Chair [designer Iulia Alexandru Mihai].

She Lamp, Abis Lamp by Animat, Yoyo Chair 

Laboratorul de Arhitectura proposes Cardboard X2 collection, made of wood, metal, carboard and glass transformed into a concept-chair, a coffee table and a magazines support. Also, here you can find Metal Red chairs, built of right angles. 
Chair Poltrona Cardboard X2, Metal Red, Coffee Table Carboard X2

ZEST, a new architecture and design office brings in front a tubular collection ZEST HD formed of: LILY Curve table, SECRET Moves lamp and FIN Fang table, imprinting a high definition furniture design.
LILY Curve Table, SECRET Moves Lamp, FIN Fang Table

Aira Studio brings L’'ithos and Mesteshukar Tables. L’ithos is a limited collection of universal support, manually designed to easily integrate high tech gadgets in the environment. The Mesteshukar tables started from a cultural and social project of Mesteshukar Boutique, and are made manually through traditional techniques of copper and iron handling.

L'ithos support, Mesteshukar table, L'ithos table

THE PARAMETRICA SALON brings projects with the promise of using advanced technology: Wavics, Abb Robot or Quad Lamp.

Wavics is a project resulted from the parametric design workshops research organized by Parametrica. The project investigates the material reactions when the user touches a touch-screen at a distance.

Abb Robot and Quad Lamp, proposed projects by IDZ Arhitectura, imprint even more on the technological approach with influence the design. Abb Robot explores the industrial robots and architectural and design creation artifacts.

Wavics, Abb Robot, Quad Lamp.

THE DIGITAL FABRICATION SALON. Here, different concept-objects, digitally designed mostly by Concept Jupiter become different work of arts. Completing the scenery are the AA Studio concept-objects.

Parametrica [digi fab school] is a private educational initiative, organizing Computational Design courses and workshops with different applications in architecture, urbanism, interior and product design.

The international furniture fair BIFE-SIM 2013 reunites over 300 companies from Romania and outside, from countries like: Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey on a surface of 30 000 sqm. The fair is organized by ROMEXPO and co-organizors, Furniture Producers Association from Romania, Industry and Commercial Chambers from Romania and EUROEXPO. More information you can find here:

Waiting for you to an exquisite experience,
Parametrica team

our pArtner, hotel Epoque 5*, hosts PAtrik schuMAcher

Dear friends,

Our partner, hotel Epoque has a special offer for all  Dynamic Fields workshop and conference participants. Hotel Epoque hosts our special guest Patrik Schumacher, Director Zaha Hadid Architects during his stay in Bucharest.

Junior Suite (35 sqm, living, work area, double bedroom ) - 90 EUR / single / night. It includes: Breakfast, WiFi & Health Club (sauna wet/dry, Jacuzzi pool, fitness studio). Excluding 9% VAT.

More information about the hotel you can read below or you can enter their website page:

Have a great stay in Bucharest!

Parametrica Team

Hotel Epoque

Hotel Epoque, 5***** 

Located in the central area of Bucharest, yet shielded from the noise and effervescence typical to the large boulevards of the Romanian capital, just 100 meters distance from the Cismigiu Gardens (one of the most beautiful and oldest parks of the city) Epoque is a 5 stars boutique hotel, opened in the fall of 2010.

The hotel is a contemporary architectural project of talented designers and architects, naturally integrated in the neighboring landscape, combining harmoniously the French origin facade with the Neo-Romanian interiors to offer refinement and a different authentic experience. The interior design features neutral colors, no excessive embellishments and attentively chosen design touches inspired by the Neo-Romanian architectural style.

It’s an excellent option both for business or leisure travelling, as Epoque welcomes its guests in an oasis of serenity and calmness, where retreating after a day in the exciting Bucharest becomes bliss!

At Epoque you’ll find 45 luxury suites (all with generous and comfortable, separated spaces for your convenience – living-room, bedroom, from 35 to 110  sqm), along with other facilities such as: an intimate SPA, with complete services, an indoor pool, a summer terrace, lounge and the “Restaurant of the Year” Award winner restaurant: Bistro Epoque.

Hotel website:;;;

Reservations:  +4 021 312 32 32,,

Address: 17C Intrarea Aurora, 010213, Bucharest 1, Romania

lAst Week of registrAtions @dynAMic fields Workshop

Dear friends,

We enter now in the last week of registration at the DYNAMIC FIELDS, our parametric architecture workshop happening from 16 to 28 July in Bucharest.

The tutors team is preparing intensively for participants arrival: Hooman Talebi, Farshad Mehdizadeh, Arian Hakimi Nejad, Mohsen Marizad and Diana Nitreanu. With the help of our Travel Partner Turkish Airlines our tutors will arrive earlier this week. And, of course, the well-known architect Patrik Schumacher, who will jury the projects on the last day of the workshop - 28 July is preparing his visit. We will present more about his visit next week.

To RESUME in a few words: the 14-day workshop will happen in the National Arts University building who received us with great enthusiasm. During these two weeks, the participants will practically experiment the parametric design dealing studying the dynamic fields (air, water, sand, sun etc.). The workshop is dedicated to students, postgraduates or specialists, architects, interior, product and urban designers, engineers and anybody interested.

First week - IDEA DEVELOPMENT (16-21 July)
Workshop Introduction
Mid Presentation
Desk Critics
Rhino, Grasshopper, Arduino Introduction

Second week - FABRICATION DEVELOPMENT (23-28 July)
Fabrication techniques
Desk Critics with special guest Patrik Schumacher
Final Presentation + Conference day on 29 July with Patrik Schumacher (Topic: Parametric Semiology – Architecture as Interface of Communication)

The expected RESULT: a dynamic interactive installation with real-time response to environmental parameters finalized with the help of Concept Jupiter fabrication tools.

Workshop strategy workshop

For registrations and more info please visit or book your seat at:

We're waiting for you to join an extraordinary experience!

Parametrica Team

PAtrik SchuMAcher ArriVes in roMAniA At the end of july 2013


Patrik Schumacher is one of the most important figures in architecture at the moment and certainly a controversial character. He will arrive in Romania at the end of July 2013 and attend the event Dynamic Fields, at the extent of Parametrica [digi fab school]'s invitation.

Director of one of the leading architecture firms in the world, Zaha Hadid Architects and founder of the research laboratory AA Design Lab in London, Patrik is one of the architects who have the ability to influence public opinion. The architectural studies conducted at the University of Stuttgart and London (Southbank), in addition to completing a philosophy studies at both Bonn and London universities, Patrik proposes a series of lectures on how architecture should impact on the environment and on people.

Theory and practice
Patrik is a prolific architect with numerous projects, including and Maxxi Centre of Contemporary Art and Architecture in Rome, which won the Stirling Prize in 2010, offered to the best designing architects who conducted projects in the UK. Another reference project conducted during the 2012 Olympics, the London Aquatic Centre is inspired by the energy and water dynamics and it proposes fluid forms.

Mixing theory with practice, Schumacher is professor at various schools in Europe (including UK) and the USA (University of Illinois at Chicago, Columbia University and Harvard). He currently teaches at the University of Innsbruck.

London Aquatic Centre

Let the war begin style - Parametricism Manifesto
Patrik Schumacher is, in addition to being a character relevant to the world of architecture, the most fervent promoter of parametric design. In the famous "Parametricism MANIFESTO", he argues in favor of the importance of parametric design as a new style, and the impact it will have on the future of architecture and beyond: a new style, dynamic, generative, characterized by flowing forms, unique in its expression.

Dynamic Fields, 16-29 July 2013, Bucharest
In Romania, you will meet Patrik Schumacher this summer, as special guest at the Dynamic Fields event, at which he will read a course on "Parametric semiotics - Architecture as interface of communication".

Our Dynamic Fields event is dedicated to parametric architecture and smart structures, studying the dynamic fields in a two-week workshop bringing together tutors and lecturers, with relevant international experience in the field.

Those who believed in the Dynamic Fields project are El-Mont, Carpet & More, Umbrella Hotel, Infopress, Aqua Carpatica and Sâmbureşti, Simbio and the educational partners such as The Order of Architects of Romania, the University of Architecture "Ion Mincu" Spiru Haret University, Rhinoceros, IAAC, FabLab Barcelona, ​​Asai Iaşi.

Those who will communicate the project are Zeppelin, Igloo, Arhitectura, Arhitext, Atelierul de Proiectare, All Hollow, the online platforms, RECITY,,,,, and

We are happy to announce you our newest partners:

recity archilovers umbrella inspiration
Registration for  the Dynamic Fields can be done at / register and for any other information, please contact the Parametrica [digi fab school] team at